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Sunday June 2, 2024

Fox Point Farms 

For Exhibitor Questions, Please Contact:


When: June 2, 2024 11:00am-3:00pm
Where: Fox Point Farms, 1150 Quail Gardens Drive Encinitas, CA 92024

About the event:

This free, annual, family-friendly event celebrates more than 18 years of bringing together eco-minded businesses, organizations, and north county residents in a fun, interactive atmosphere. EcoFest has wide support from partners like the City of Encinitas, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, and Fox Point Farms.


EcoFest is a zero-waste event and is known to attract incredible attendees who are dedicated and involved people investing in a green lifestyle. Encinitas is admired for its eco-consciousness, leading the way to support bold environmental policy measures (CAP, plastics ban, etc.), with the highest electric vehicle ownership in SD County (SD is 1st ZEV/capita & 2nd  solar/capita in the US!), 

> 16% solar panel households, and median household income > $120k!.


A celebration of the entire environmental community, EcoFest offers attendees the chance to engage with over 30 respectfully chosen exhibitors while enjoying organic food and beverages, lawn games, as well as live music and other performances by local artists. Participants will be able to purchase tickets for our opportunity drawings throughout the day. EcoFest will showcase, eBike test rides, new household eco-solutions using renewable energy. We also encourage attendees to ride, walk, or bus. 


Future community leaders from elementary to high school to college will also be at EcoFest with their environmentally-focused projects and other activities all day.


Our goals are to connect and transform the community through information and inspiration, building on the past and looking ahead to the future - exploring new ways to live sustainably. We want to create a long-lasting legacy for future generations through collaboration with government, businesses, and community organizations to build a Greener Future Together!

Join the EcoFest family!



(1 10'x10' space)

Exhibitor Selling Goods

Plus 10% of Sales 


Community Resource (NO SELLING GOODS)

Regional or large business providing community resources and information.


Nonprofit or Providing a Service for EcoFest

Nonprofit organizations & community service/civic groups


***Booth prices include one 10’x10’ space***

***Canopy, Table and Chairs not included***



150 Watt, max. Small electronic devices (ie, laptop, TV). Limited #


June 2nd EcoFest Encinitas is a fundraiser. It is free to the public and all proceeds from exhibitor booth sale goes to the collaborative effort of building a stronger and more resilient sustainable community. 

Please be mindful of all partners, volunteers and their time and effort to organizing this amazing event, while applying for being the participant at EcoFest this year.  (we have limited amount of booths available). Thank for your support!


EcoFest Registration is a 2-step process:

1) Complete Application Form (no payment). 

2) After confirmation, an invoice will be sent.


Pay by check or card. A 3.8%  processing fee for card payments. Checks can be made out to Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and mailed to 535 Encinitas Blvd Suite 116, Encinitas CA, 92024. You can also drop the check in person to our office. 


Event Information Packet will be sent 2-3 weeks prior to the event, which will include booth location, directions for setup and breakdown, and designated parking. Setup time  8:30-10:00 and Cleanup 3-4pm. 

Exhibitors must have a message, cause, product or service that addresses the environment or quality of life. The intent is to inform/inspire the public. Only environmentally relevant goods/services are to be sold at EcoFest. For sales, 10%  of gross margin is to be donated to EcoFest, Nonprofit fundraising is exempt.


EcoFest is a Zero Waste event complying with City ordinances. 

Use of single-use plastic bags, straws, wraps, water bottles, utensils, & polystyrene  containers is strictly prohibited. Reusable & recyclable materials are encouraged! Any non-recyclable or non-compostable materials are to be removed by the exhibitor. The sampling of food and beverage is prohibited. 

EcoFest reserves the right to expel an exhibitor that fails to observe these guidelines.

May 6, 2024 is the final date to sign up to be the exhibitor at EcoFest 2024

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